04 March 2006 (Fri. Nite/Sat Morn.)


 04 March 2006 (Sat Night/Sun Morn.)


Inyo-Kern Road (Informally known as 1st Chance)

GPS Location: W 117.97396 N 35.43249, Elevation: 3280 feet

Six (6) Miles North of Red Rock State Park
Main Target(s):

Comet Pojmanski (C/2006A1)

Horsehead Nebula (IC 434)




10" Newtonian with prototype Televue coma corrector (1300mmF/L)

AP1200GTO Mount

 NOTE:  All terrestrial images made with Cannon A620 Digital Camera


 Newtonian with Flat Field Light Box

 Close-Up of FF-Box (Uses 9V & 4xAA= 15V)   Newtonian at Red Rock with STL-11K Camera

 M81 & M82

 Comet Pojmanski (C/2006A1) 04Mar06-05:00UT

 Horsehead Nebula (IC 434)

  Desert Moth (Wings colored like a Monarch Butterfly!)

 Interesting rock formation (about 12+ Miles NNW of Astro site)

  Purple Desert Flowers (Macro shot - petals only about 3 mm long each!)

  Wide Field View of Red Rock Astro Site (Looking SSW)

 About a 270 degree panorama looking NNE )1 mile E. of AstroSite on 400 foot hill) - WARNING 1Mb File

 Astro Companion James Gonzales trying to phone home--tough luck...No cell service available!

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