G A L A X I E S / M81 & M82 - NGC 3031 & NGC 3034
James R. Foster
Last Update: 11 March 2006

Bottom Exposure: 100 Minute Clear Filter at bin 1x1 with equalize stretch in PS.  Note the extensive interstellar cirrus. Does this mean Mt. Pinos is still dark? (Feb2006) See Steve Mandel's Unexplored Nebula Project web page for more detail on these interesting structures. For this specific area, cataloged as MW3, see here http://www.galaxyimages.com/IFNeb_M81-82_Neg.html

Object:  M81 & M82 aka NGC 3031 & NGC 3034(Arp 337)
 NASA/IPAC EXTRAGALACTIC DATABASE DATA:  Searching NED for object "NGC 3031"  Searching NED for object "NGC 3034"
Telescope Used:  10" Newtonian at F/4.5
CCD Camera Used:  
Exposure(s):  Top Image: 100&690 95:70:50 min.'s Bottom Image: 100 Min.'s Clear Shot Equalized
Filters/Binning:  L&H RGB /L & H 1x1 all others 2x2 Bin (610min HA of M82 through 13" classical cassegrain)
Taken from:  Los Angeles, Mt. Pinos & Red Rock Canyon, California
Date:  Feb-Mar 2006