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 Using the Sky6 and the "complete" minor planet database from the MPC, all cataloged asteroids passing through this area at the mid-times of exposures on 27May06 (02:45PST in RED) and 29May06 (0145PST in GREEN) are depicted.  The ones on the 1st night (27May06) are RGB trails while those shot on 29May06 are b&w trails from the composite 7x7 (49) min bin1x1 luminosity exposure. The left-hand part of the label gives the asteroid designation, while the right side number, separated with a comma,  is the object's magnitude.



N E B U L A / IC4603
James R. Foster
Last Update: 06/07/2006

Object:  Reflection Nebula IC4603
Telescope Used:  10" Newtonian at F/4.5 with Model PSB-1100 Paracorr
CCD Camera Used:  
Exposure(s):  LRGB exposure of 49:42:42:42 min.'s (2x2)
Filters/Binning:  1x1 Luminosity shot with 10" Newtonian F/4.5
Taken from:  Mt. Pinos, California
Date:  May 27 & 29, 2006