NGC 7538, AKA Sh2-158, LBN 542 at RA 23h 13m 42.0s Dec +6131' 09"

Shot with 13" Classical Cassegrain on AP1200GTO mount at F/6.3 (via AP 0.75x reducer) with SBIG ST-7E for LRGB exposures of 60:45:36:30 minutes. Used Maxim DL 3.0, Sigma Beta 10, & Photoshop 7.0 for image processing

Location:  Mt. Pinos, California (N 3448.8' W 11907.6' Altitude: 2554 meters)

Additional data on NGC 7538:

An optical study of NGC 7538

SWS (S01) spectrum of NGC7538 IRS9

Wide Field shot around NGC 7538 taken by Tom Carrico

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