13" Classical Cassegrain on Astro-Physics 1200 GTO Mount

MPC Observatory Designation: G72   ----->   AAVSO Designated Observer Name: FJQ


 This observatory was constructed starting at the end of 2002 and had the roll-off roof installed by July 2004.   The 10" diameter aluminum pier sits bolted on a cap that is secured to a 12" diameter cylindrical/rectangular concrete/rebar pier that sinks approximately four feet into the ground.  In the 3 years since it has been installed, no applicable shifting has occurred.  This configuration was selected to ease the removal of the aluminum pier and to re-install the square portion of the deck that was removed when the pier was initially installed.  Various control & power cords run under the deck, all sealed in electrical 1" diameter PVC  conduit piping. The control cords for the STL-11k Camera, ST-7E, Ap1200GTO Mount, and RoboFocuser consist of a CAT5 (USB-CAT5-USB configuration), LPT (parallel port), 9-pin serial, and telephone control line, respectively.

The old roof, made with a thin wooden cross frame covered with white vinyl creased plastic, had occasional leaks.  The new roof, made with actual 2x4 rafters, is covered by three overlapping 8'x3' aluminum panels bolted together with at least 15 metal screws per seem.   These seems, where the panels overlay one another, are in turn covered with 2-layers of 3" wide metal roofing tap, on exterior and interior sides of the roof.  This combination of stiffness (rafters) and multiple connections (screws & tape) renders the roof leak-proof.  


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